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In addition to voiceovers, we also offer audio production services 
from our facilities in Baltimore,  MD, USA.  Including:

Source Connect Pro (certified)
Digital Audio Workstations

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Studio A Features:
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Spacious booth, ISDN, Source Connect Pro, Digital Audio Workstation, Digital mix-to-pix; Yamaha Digital Console; Sony/MCI JH-24 2” 24-track; Neumann/AKG/Sennheiser/Shure Microphones; Lexicon/DBX/Urie/Yamaha/Alesis Outboard Processing, Effects libraries from Sound Ideas/Hollywood Edge/ Warner Brothers. Tannoy Monitoring, Yamaha Amplification…

Studio B Features:

ISDN (independent of Studio A), Digital Audio Workstation, Neumann U87 Microphone, Tannoy Monitoring, DGS, Yamaha Console, Crown Amplification, and shares the same music and effects libraries as Studio A.




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