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Money Back 

If you are not satisfied with the voiceover talent you select from us we will refund your payment in full.*


We guarantee the highest quality for both professional studio production and voiceover talent. All projects are recorded with the top-of-the-line professional equipment, and will be free of any technical flaws, such as "clicks", "pops", and of course, "bad edits". Furthermore, to prove our confidence in the abilities of our voice talents, we encourage our clients to interact with us in real-time.   While projects are being recorded our clients interact live in real-time with both the voice talent(s) and the recording engineer through our conference call service via computer, mobile phone or POTS (standard) telephone. We feel this is so important we include it with every project at no extra fee. 


We aren't happy unless our customers are thrilled, and we ensure their satisfaction through maintaining a level of quality that is exceeded by none in the industry.  All voiceover talents we offer are seasoned professionals who have been screened by our staff to ensure their level of quality.  In most cases, we've worked with these talents for years (if not decades).

*Restrictions and limits apply.  US-based clients only.

*Terms and conditions of our money-back guarantee are provided with your no-obligation estimate.


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