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By ordering from this website, you agree to the following:

Pricing and estimates will be based on submitted script.  Revisions to script may impact the pricing.  If your script changes after submission (due to a revision or other reason), we may need to revise your pricing or estimate.  If your script has already been recorded before a revised script is submitted (regardless of the delivery status of the audio), the new script may be treated as a new order.   Regardless, script revisions requiring an additional recording session are billable.  Audition requests may negate any discounts in estimate pricing. Additional editing, downsampling or other file conversion (such as non-standard formats), or other than what was specified on our estimate, may require an additional charge.  Orders and delivery subject to credit card verification and/or approval.

You certify that you are the copyright owner of the material(s) you submit. Any and all copyright or trademark issues are fully your responsibility. You fully agree to indemnify Speakeasy Productions, Inc.,, Agents, Representatives, and Talent of any and all consequences arising from all disputes pertaining to such issues. If suit is brought against Speakeasy Productions, Inc.,, Agents, Representatives, and/or Talent from material that you submit, you will fully reimburse Speakeasy Productions, Inc. of any and all legal fees plus any amount that we feel appropriate compensation for our time and efforts in correcting such matters. We reserve the right to refuse service for any reason including, but not limited to: Offensive material or material of unethical nature. You agree to use the production(s) we create only for the project and usage you inform us of at the time of your order. Any other use is strictly forbidden without incurring additional fees and/or obtaining written consent from Speakeasy Productions Inc.  Voiceover talent are normally priced per-project for non-broadcast applications, and per-script (or spot/commercial) for broadcast.

For projects containing music or other copyrighted material: these recordings are licensed by Speakeasy Productions to you for one usage only (unless otherwise noted) and are subject to the United States copyright laws and international treaty provisions. All audio obtained from Speakeasy Productions must be treated like any other copyrighted material. The license cannot be assigned or transferred to anyone but the original client. The client may not sublicense, nor assign or transfer, nor rent or lease any portion of recording. Unauthorized duplication, usage, and distribution are strictly forbidden and violators will be prosecuted. By not adhering to these terms and applicable copyright laws, you will be held liable for all reasonable collection and attorney fees and other infringement damages incurred by Speakeasy Productions, Inc.


You agree to immediately discontinue use of any material purchased from Speakeasy Productions, Inc. upon notification by us that you are or may be in violation of these Terms or any copyright, trademark or other laws. If the Talent you choose is a member of any unions, you agree to handle any and all issues relating to a union and its rules. All orders subject to credit card verification. We reserve the right to refuse service.    All scripts subject to approval.  Scripts that have been submitted previously for auditions are not eligible for online Voiceoverstore purchases.  If your script is for large market broadcast, please use our Estimate form and we will get back to you promptly with a price.   Media (dubs) purchased from Speakeasy Productions is verified before shipping. No other warranty is implied.  All sales and productions are final after one week.

Rescheduling and Cancellation Policy:


Speakeasy Productions requires two-business days (minimum 48 hours) notice for cancellations and one business day (minimum 24 hours) for rescheduling of session(s).  For example: if your session is on a Wednesday at 2pm, you must notify us no later than Monday 2pm to cancel, or Tuesday 2pm to reschedule.

For sessions that are rescheduled with between 24 and 48 hours (business days) notice, you must confirm with us a new date and time for your session when you first notify us of your intent to reschedule; otherwise, the terms and conditions of canceling a session will apply. If you must reschedule the same session more than once, Speakeasy Productions reserves the right to charge the total amount of the session.  You will then have a credit amount  that will be good for 30-days from the original session date.  After 30 days from such date, your payment is forfeit. Speakeasy Productions reserves the right to charge for the entire scheduled session.  Due to delays inherent with electronic communications, please call us directly to ensure we get your message in time should you need to cancel or reschedule during our normal business hours 8am-4pm Eastern Time U.S., M-F, excluding major holidays.  For sessions not cancelled or rescheduled according to the above paragraph, Speakeasy Productions reserves the right to charge the the full session fee, and a new fee may be charged if the session is re-booked at a future date.


All sales pending transaction approval. By submitting your order via credit card, you agree to pay the total amount according to the card issuer agreement.

Where applicable, the layout, concept, graphics, and design of this website are copyright 1999-2007 Speakeasy Productions, Inc. All Rights Reserved.


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