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We are sorry, but we do not offer training to enter the voiceover industry.

A note about a recent article published by CNBC with the headline:

"31-year-old who quit her job and makes $15,000 a month recording voiceovers:

'I only work 3 to 5 hours per day’

In our experienced opinion, this article* is misleading.  The title of the article could also be:


"Former MSNBC producer, with a ton of inside-the-industry contacts, has spare time to build a camper". 


Why is the camper part of the story to begin with?  But, I digress.  As for making $15,000/month as a voiceover talent; it is certainly possible, but far from the norm (especially for those just starting out).  If you have contacts in an industry, as this individual does, you obviously have a leg up on those that don't (not unlike, say, a young actor starting out who's parents were successful actors). If the story is true, I congratulate her on her brilliant strategy and success.  However, it is the author of the article, and the misleading title, we take issue with. We want to stress to you, the novice, that you should not expect such results without years of effort. This is a highly competitive field.

*You may have to go to CNBC and search for "voiceover" as CNBC changes the URL from time to time.
Or, better yet, do not visit their website at all!

As for us:

We are an audio production production company and only work with established voiceover talents.

We recommend that you look into local, affordable acting classes as the training is quite similar

(and much more fun!).  Once you are familiar with acting, you can then begin marketing yourself in the voiceover industry.  A marketing course (or two) can't hurt either.

Good luck!

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