Talent Listings

The - Voice Talent Database exists to enable our customers to sample
and select a specific male and/or female voice to fit their audio needs. If your voice is
chosen for a project from our database, Speakeasy will contact you.

Voiceover Talent Listing:

Our database consists of professional talents only.

We do not charge for listing you!
(If you are interested in starting a new career as a voiceover artist, please click here.)

Speakeasy lists talents on our web site that have ACTIVE Source Connect licenses

You MUST have the Standard or Pro versions.

*We DO NOT work with the free "NOW" version.

ISDN is still acceptable in special cases.

Should we find your voice to be usable by our clients we will audition you live via Source Connect Standard/Pro.

You must be available weekdays (M-F) during normal business hours*.

*UK and US times.

There are other requirements not listed here.

Submission of this form does not guarantee work or a listing on our website.

After reviewing the above website/database requirements, please make a selection below.  We may then contact you via email with more information or we may simply keep your information on file.

Select your current region/location:

North America.



South America.

Central America.